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Kip McGrath Batley

English and Maths Tutoring Qualified Teachers Personalised Learning Programmes Primary - Secondary
About Kip McGrath Batley

At Kip McGrath Batley our aim is to help your child realise their true potential, improving academic performance and developing the self esteem to build a successful future.
We believe that children perform better in an environment which is warm, friendly, relaxed and welcoming.

Our centre caters for all abilities, not just those who are having learning difficulties. Our individually tailored programmes are designed and structured to build your child's confidence in the classroom and boost their level of attainment.
We have no gimmicks. We do not advertise 100% pass rates.

What we do say, is that once your child joins our centre you will notice a significant academic improvement. We have earned a tremendous reputation for providing quality private education and excellence of service which is second to none in the area.
Our qualified teachers are available before/after sessions to discuss areas of concern and progress of your child.

Kip McGrath Batley provides tuition:
Kip McGrath Memberships
Primary and Secondary Tuition
  • 11+
  • SATs
  • Maths up to 'A' Level
  • English up to GCSE
  • Science up to A level
Tutoring Times
  • Sunday
    12.00pm - 4.20pm
  • Monday
    4.00pm - 6.50pm
  • Tuesday
    4.00pm - 6.50pm
  • Thursday
    4.00pm - 5.20pm
  • Friday
    4.00pm - 5.20pm
  • Saturday
    1.00pm - 6.50pm
Got a question? Call us anytime.
Got a question? Call us on 01924 477800