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Award winning Maths and English tuition at Kip McGrath Lisburn

Experienced teachers Martin and Clare Rimmer have been tutoring children in maths and English at  the Kip McGrath Education Centre in Lisburn since 2007.  Both are  qualified and experienced teachers allowing them understand the learning needs of your child.


Maths and English tutors in Lisburn

  • FREE assessment for your child
  • Individual work programmesTutor of the year Kip McGrath Lisburn
  • Fully qualified experienced teachers
  • Ongoing assessment
  • GCSE Maths and English
  • P6/7 entrance test preparation
  • Dyslexia support
  • Exam technique and study skills
  • Reading, Spelling, Comprehension
  • Handwriting tuition
  • Maths tuition
  • Summer School


English tuition at Kip McGrath Lisburn..

The tutors at Kip McGrath Lisburn will teach your child to read using a combination of phonics and sight word recognition along side reading passages designed to target reading comprehension.  Our tuition aims to sort out any confusion and bring your child up to a comfortable level which allows them to achieve their academic goals.

  • Reading, Spelling, Phonics 
  • Grammar, Structure, Punctuation
  • Comprehension
  • HandwritingTuition in Lisburn
  • Creative writing
  • Essay writing
  • Dyslexia support
  • KS3 exam prep
  • GCSE
  • Transfer Test


Maths tuition at Kip McGrath Lisburn..

The tutors at Kip McGrath Lisburn aim to build confidence through the use of strategies which involve both teaching for understanding (using problem solving, etc.) and an element of rote-learning of mathematical facts.  We break down maths concepts into relatively small chunks and ensure that students have fully mastered each one before going on to the next step. Our tuition aims to iron out any confusion and bring your child up to a comfortable level which allows them to achieve their academic goals.

  • Basic number skillsMaths and English tutors Lisburn
  • Mental Maths
  • Times tables
  • Fractions, Decimals, Percentages
  • Problem Solving
  • Algebra, Geometry
  • Time, Money, Place value
  • Measure
  • KS3 exams prep
  • GCSE
  • Transfer Test
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Transfer Test & GCSE tutoring Lisburn

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Transfer Test tutors in Lisburn

Lisburn Transfer Test tutorsChanges to the Primary School curriculum have made it increasingly difficult for schools to cater for the needs of children preparing for the transfer to Grammar School.  At Kip McGrath, we provide a free assessment from which we can pinpoint any areas of weakness and tailor a programme of study designed to bring your child up to the level required for the test.  Our lessons are 80 minutes long, which allows us to work on both English and Maths as well as past papers. 

 Homework is also offered to reinforce learning.  Our tuition involves extensive past paper practice in both the AQE and GL Assessment papers, which is vital to improve exam technique.  Read all about Kip McGrath Lisburn's 2013 Transfer Test results on our blog

Our service includes:

  • Detailed assessment of your child's needs
  • Past paper practice including AQE and GL Assessment
  • Exam technique
  • Ongoing assessment week by week to ensure no area of weakness is missed
  • Homework to reinforce learning

Read our blog on When should my child start preparing for the Transfer Test.


GCSE Maths tutors in Lisburn

Lisburn GCSE tutorAt Kip McGrath we aim to pinpoint a student's areas of weakness and bring them to a level that enables success at the test.  For those students who are doing either foundation or the higher tier, a thorough grasp of topics covered in the curriculum is required to achieve their best grade and a knowledge of how these topics relate to each other.  

Because we work to the individual needs of the students, we can establish why a student fails to grasp a topic and correct any mistakes to ensure the student now has all the background needed to understand.  Our combination of targeted reinforcement of mathematical facts and past paper practice will ensure your child is ready for the test.  Read our tips for surviving GCSE maths exams in the Belfast Telegraph.

  • Free assessment
  • Targeted programme of study
  • Past paper practice including CEA, AQA and Edexcel


GCSE English tutors in Lisburn

Unlike other subjects, there are few facts. Rather, GCSE English is almost entirely focussed on acquiring skills – principally reading and writing.  At Kip McGrath we give students the confidence to write an essay with fluency and structure, developing their comments and observations appropriately for an examiner.   We concentrate on improving comprehension, spelling, grammar and essay writing skills to produce a well rounded student, ready for the exams.  As the students approach their exams they are able to work through past papers under exam conditions, which are marked with the examination board's criteria in mind.   Read our tips for surviving GCSE English exams in the Belfast Telegraph.

  • Free assessment
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Essay writing
  • Past paper practice

Lisburn Tutors Testimonials

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What our parents say about our maths and English tuition


ni4kids Family Awards Tutor of the Year 2012 winners video

"Martin wanted to let you know Claire passed her GCSE maths. She is so pleased. We really appreciate all the work you are doing please thank trevor he was brilliant. Claire was always very happy to go and the pep talk he gave her before the exams boosted her confidence. Thankyou all." Joan Jennings (March 2013) 

“I just felt the need to let you know what I think and have found from having Clare and Martin work with my son over the last 2 1/2 years.  From the start Martin assessed my son to get the level he was at.  Clare and Martin then explained to me where he was and where he needed help.  My son was assessed as being dyslexic in P6.  He started getting help with Clare that summer.  His first day coming he asked could he go back the next day.  For a child who hated school/school work and who’s confidence had hit an all time low, not only did Clare help with my son’s maths and English, she inspired him, got to know him and the best way to encourage him to concentrate.  She also has helped his confidence and belief in himself, all things as a parent I feel money couldn’t buy.  We started home schooling my son in September 2012 as we are moving to Australia.  Clare was for all intensive purposes Taylor’s full time teacher seeing him twice a week. Within a few weeks Taylor was reassessed and he really came on in leaps and bounds.  I can honestly recommend Clare and Martin.  Both are friendly, professional, pro-active, able to get to your child’s level and make learning fun for the child.  I have seen first hand just how good they are and how much Taylor has come on.  I could not recommend them highly enough”. H. McCall (Feb 2013) 

 “Thanks for all the help you gave me coming up to the transfer test.  I got an A (standardised age score 282) in th GL and 118 in the AQE and hopefully I will get into B.R.A” N. Sloan (Feb 2013)

“Ryan has been attending Kip McGrath for 5 months now.  I was worried his maths was falling behind.  At the start I thought I would have a battle on my hands getting him to go! However I have been surprised at how much he loves attending, he actually looks forward to it!  His maths has come on so much and his teachers have even commented to me about how he seems to have a much better grasp on the subject.” E. Lundy (Feb 2013) 

"My son Lewis started attending Kip McGrath in July 2012 at the age of 11.  As he has slight dyslexia I wanted to try and help him build his confidence and abilities in Maths and English before he started secondary school.  Martin has helped Lewis so much with understanding and managing both subjects.  He now has the confidence he lacked and this can be seen through his school work as he came first in his class in his English exam." Anne Shipley (Feb 2013) 

"Luke started for the summer for 6 weeks and 3 years on he is still there. He has made fantastic progress in his reading and has made it to average in school.  He enjoys going each week which is a bonus and great for a child thst hated reading.  All with the help of Clare."
Julie Curry (Feb 2013) 

“We are delighted with Bethany’s score of 108 in the AQE test. Thank you for helping her with her confidence she enjoyed being with you on a Thursday.” Jacqui Stewart (Feb 2013) 

”I am so pleased with Conor’s fantastic result in the AQE. Thank you for all your help in preparing him for the tests. I have been recommending Kip McGrath to all my friends and will definitely be back again with my daughter when the time comes!” Helen Irwin (Feb 2013) 

“My son has attended for over a year. He is not a child that enjoys learning but can’t wait to attend each week and runs up the stairs. He has made steady progress and beams with pride at the end of each session at his accomplishments. He always comes away stating what his goals are for the next week and in no doubt that he will achieve them. Definitely worth every penny we’ve spent.” P. Sandall (Feb 2012) 

 “My son has been attending Kip McGrath Education Centre in Lisburn just over 1.5 years. I’m delighted to say that Martin (his tutor) has made such an improvement to the quality of my son’s school work, confidence and knowledge in the field of English and Maths. This has certainly been reflected in his school reports. He enjoys going to his tutoring classes and working with Martin. Martin has great patience when it comes to teaching with a professional approach to both pupil and parent. The feedback which I receive is invaluable and he is always on hand to give help and support when needed. At Kip McGrath in my opinion, you receive a high level of tutoring with the emphasis focused strongly on obtaining full potential from the pupil and most importantly results. I cannot praise the team at Kip McGrath highly enough. They’re most accommodating with a wealth of experience and passion in their work. Keep up the great work!” J. Owen (Feb 2013)

“We are thrilled that Sarah got 119 in her transfer tests and want to thank you for all the work you put in with Sarah in preparing her for the tests.  You made what had been a tense time for her so calm and relaxed and I know that she got so much from her Saturday morning classes.  Having another child currently receiving tuition we can see the results from your patience and expertise and again a big thank you for this.  I would have no hesitation recommending Kip McGrath, Lisburn for anyone seeking tuition.” Karen Allen (Feb 2012)

“Just a line to let you know that Mollie got an A in the GL assessment. She is absolutely delighted as are we. All being well she will be going to Dominican College, Fortwilliam.  Mary and I would like to thank you once again for all the work you put in with Mollie.  We appreciated the calm and relaxed manner in which you worked with her. I think it is a testament to you that never once did she baulk at getting up so early on a Saturday morning to go to your classes.  We will have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody else seeking tuition.”  Jim McAlister (Jan 2012)

“Just a quick note to let you know that Adam got 108 in his transfer test.   I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for your professionalism, dedication and skill in helping Adam attain this mark. Adam is my second child that you have helped, and I will have no hesitation in sending my third when the time comes.”   Nigel Irwin (Jan 2012)

“Delighted with Jane’s results today – A in GL and Q1 in AQE. Many thanks to Martin for your help last summer. We are so pleased :-)” Clare McMahon (Jan 2012)

"I am a mum of a child with Dyslexia who has been held back by not having the proper help from the education system until late in the day. His confidence was very low. He hated work of any kind. From day one Clare and Martin have been excellent professional and encouraging. For my son to come out on day one wanting to go back every day which continued throughout his time here and still does, to enjoying work set and the rewards. I have seen the benefits of bringing him here from the confidence boost onwards. I found both Clare and Martin easy to talk to and professional throughout. I highly recommend them to any parent.” Heather McCall (Sept 2011)

“Martin, I think you helped me initially to find the places where I needed to polish up on the curriculum and then helped me develop those areas to the right level for the exams. It was also very helpful that I could get a different perspective on explanations of subjects I wasn’t clear on, so that I could understand them better. Overall, I think Kip McGrath helped me to become an A student with the combination of good teaching and the focused environment on a Friday to get it all on board. I’ll be back in the Summer for a brush-up before senior school starts and my sister will definitely be going to see you next year as well to help her prepare for the transfer tests.” Conor McMullan (Feb 2012)

"Jordan managed to get 67% in his summer exam - a massive 25% improvement!  So your magic worked.  Thank you for your patience and persistence.  Jordan has gained a lot more confidence and came second in his class." (July 2010)

"I got into Hunterhouse Grammar School, which was my first choice.  I am delighted.  Thank you very much for all your help with the AQE.  I'm very excited about my new school.  I couldn't have done it without you."  Amy (Feb 2011)

"Just to say thank you for your input in helping Rachel achieve a 'C' in her GCSE Maths (Foundation).  We were delighted and Rachel has got into college to study for A-Levels."  Norma (Aug 2010)

"Thank you for all the help with my work.  I'm so pleased it paid off as I am now going to Hunterhouse College."  Taylor (Feb 2010)

"Just to say thanks again Martin...for all your help preparing for the entrance test, Ciara always enjoyed going to Kip,and all her hard work paid off with a well deserved A!" Trisha  (Feb 2009)

"I just wanted to thank you for all you did for my son, Ciarán. He had a great result in both transfer tests, and that was due in large part to the work you did with him at Kip McGrath Lisburn.  Ciarán benefited in many ways. First of all, The tutoring centre gave him a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of home to really concentrate on his work. Secondly, we we able to target the skills that Ciarán needed work each week on and focus on them. Thirdly, Ciarán had had more than half his schooling in the US, and needed explanation to help  understand the cultural differences in the transfer test. Finally, Ciarán's grew in confidence each week, and the work he did at Kip McGrath was reflected in the scores he received in his practice tests he took in school each week.  In the end, Ciarán got an "A" in the GL test, and 116 in the AQE test, both scores that gave him the freedom to choose the school he wanted. You've helped make one little boy very happy - Thanks again!"  Patrick  (Jan 2011)

"Just a wee note to say thank you so much for all your help and I got an A in my Maths with my N4 replacing my N3.  I am now doing Maths for A-Level along with English Literature, History and Politics, so lots of work ahead!"  Hannah  (Aug 2011)


Why our Tuition works

Tuition at Kip McGrath Education Centres

Maths and English tutors LisburnMr Kip McGrath, an Australian teacher, opened his first tuition centre in 1974 with the founding principle thatany child can learn if taught properly’.

40 years later there are 650 Kip McGrath Centres worldwide and 200 in the UK and Ireland offering first class tuition by qualified teachers in professionally equiped education centres.  Kip McGrath Lisburn has been operating since 2007 and in that time has helped over 1000 children with their school work.



Why Choose Kip McGrath for Maths and English Tuition in Lisburn

  • Your child will be taught by a qualified Primary or Secondary Teacher with experience of teaching the Northern Ireland Curriculum.
  • Every student will follow an individual programme of work which is created for them and based on their individual needs which are established following an initial FREE ASSESSMENT.
  • Our lessons are 80 minutes long and are broken up into small sessions of individual teaching, written exercises and computer exercises for our Primary school students.  There is always plenty of time with the teacher to reinforce any difficult areas.
  • Pupils studying for exams such as the Transfer test and GCSEs will benefit from our years of experience.  Our teachers will build on the knowledge they have learned in school, go over areas of weakness in detail and work on exam technique to ensure each pupil is thoroughly prepared for the test.
  • A small amount of homework is provided which students should complete at home without parental assistance.
  • Our bright and modern centre provides a friendly and positive learning environment that students thrive in.
  • Through professional tutoring, encouragement and goals which are rewarded,  Kip students gain in confidence and ability quickly and take this into the classroom.

What is the cost of tuition?

Each 80 minute session costs £27.  A block booking of 6 lessons paid in advance costs £155.

Please call Martin and Clare on 9267 5071 for full details of lesson times and content.  If you are a new student we can offer you a free assessment to pinpoint your child’s learning needs and design an individual programme of work to target their areas of need.

Contact Details

Centre Owners Martin Rimmer and Clare Rimmer
Address 8(a) Market Square N, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, BT28 1AG, Northern Ireland
Directions (Opposite the Irish Linen Museum, above Woodsides)
Phone 028 92675071
Mobile 07833688083
Centre Hours Sessions are available:

Monday to Friday
3.40pm- 5.00pm
5.10pm- 6.30pm
6.40pm- 8.00pm


Lisburn Centre

Centre Owner

Martin Rimmer and Clare Rimmer


8(a) Market Square N, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, BT28 1AG, Northern Ireland


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