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Kip McGrath Edinburgh Central & North (New Town)  provides professional tuition in maths and English for all ages. Our New Centre in Marchmont located in South Edinburgh EH9 1HA, is opening in February 2014.

We offer tuition in primary, secondary, standard Grade, Intermediates, G.C.S.E, A levels, higher English and higher maths tuition in Edinburgh.

New National  4 & 5 exam tuition in maths & English in Edinburgh.



100% passes in  2013 for Maths and English tuition in Edinburgh Central and North (New Town). 

100% entry to private or independent school.


This year most of our students achieved A's and 1's for exams at Standard  Grade, highers, advanced highers, G.C.S.E's and A levels.  All of our students gained entry to the private or independent school of their choice including some gaining 100% scholarship.


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English and maths tuition in Edinburgh

Kip McGrath Tuition Centres  have been providing after-school tuition in English and maths for all ages and have supported students with entry to private schools, Standard Grade Maths, G.C.S.E's, A levels, Int 1, Int 2, higher maths, New National 4's 5's,  higher English and advanced highers,  around the world for over 30 years.  Kip McGrath Edinburgh Central & North was the first centre to be established in Edinburgh and has been established for over 10 years. The system is modified in Edinburgh in line with Curriculum for Excellence and is kept up-to-date with the latest educational requirements. At Kip McGrath Edinburgh Central & North, we provide fully qualified G.T.C. registered teachers. Due to the huge success and high attainment of students our new centre in Marchmont is opening in February 2014. Our new centre in Marchmont EH9 1HA is  located within walking distance of  the Grange and is very close to Morningside, Newington and Bruntsfield.

                            Indy Walayat


Centre Director Indy, started teaching in 1991 and has a wealth of experience, teaching both primary, secondary and pre-school students. She has special expertise in teaching mathematics to all ages.

Indy has also been employed as Acting Principal Teacher and has embarked upon the Chartered Teacher programme which requires rigorous evaluation of teacher professionalism. She has also further qualifications with supporting students who have additional needs.

Until June 2012, in addition to running the Kip McGrath Centre Edinburgh, Indy also taught in local schools. This ensures Indy has up to date knowledge of the new curriculum and extensive experience of the most recent teaching initiatives. Indy also has two children aged 3 and 11 so understands your concerns as parents.

Maths & English Tuition at Kip McGrath Edinburgh (Central & North) for Primary, Secondary and adults.

Our Centre provides a fresh, warm, welcoming environment.

The  Kip McGrath Centre in Edinburgh is located in Canonmills, (New Town) close to Stockbridge and Inverleith. It is near the Botanical Gardens and there is free parking in Tesco nearby.

The centre is ideally located, well served by public transport and only 5 minutes from Edinburgh Centre.  At the moment as well as many other locations close to Inverleith, Stockbridge and New Town we have students attending for English and maths tuition from Newington, Bruntsfield, Morningside, Meadowbank, Sciennes, Abbeyhill, Mountcastle, Broughton, Wardie, Comely Bank, Craigleith, Warriston, Leith, Old Town, The Grange, Willowbrae, Merchiston, Viewforth, Fairmilehead, Lauriston, and Trinity. Since we have many students attending from the South of Edinburgh our new centre will be opening in February in Marchmont.

Our Centre caters for the educational needs of pre- school, primarysecondary children between the ages of 3 - 18 in a relaxed and friendly environment. We also have separate sessions for adults.


Tuition for children aged 3 to 4:

We provide, early pre-reading, pre-writing and number activities in a fun and motivating way.

Tuition in the primary sector:

We focus on providing help in the areas of mathematics, problem solving, reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

Tuition at secondary:

We offer help right through S1, S2, S3 to standard grade English, standard grade maths, G.C.S.E English and G.C.S.E mathematics, A level English and mathematics, Intermediate English, intermediate maths and higher English and higher maths, National 4, National 5, advanced higher maths and English.

Tuition for adults

For adults we provide individualised support for assessments at all levels, including for beginners to English, entrance for police exams, fire fighter exams, and all other professional exams involving maths and English including G.C.S.E's and highers.

Other subjects

  • sciences
  • computer studies

We are advised by some of our parents that SCIS (Scottish Council of Independent Schools) recommend maths and English tutor (s) at Kip McGrath Tuition Centres in Edinburgh.

For all ages, our individually tailored programmes are structured to build confidence in the classroom and increase opportunities for success. At Kip McGrath, Edinburgh the raising of our students' self-esteem and self-confidence and the rekindling of positive attitudes and beliefs are vital ingredients to helping your children reach their maximum potential.

We have a proven track record of raising attainment and our students in Edinburgh move up groups and gain high marks in exams.

If your concerns are to raise attainment in literacy or numeracy in English and maths for your child at nursery, Primary or Secondary School or for your self, then the Kip McGrath Tuition Centre in Edinburgh will be able to assist you.

Meet our maths and English tutor (s) at Kip McGrath, Edinburgh (Central & North). Our centres are located in Inverleith and Marchmont.

We have a fantastic team of caring,  GTC registered, fully qualified all of whom are very experienced at teaching their subjects and hold full enhanced disclosure.

At Kip McGrath, Edinburgh, we are regularly posting news about our teachers and student achievements on our Facebook site. Please click the link for Facebook above to gain up to date information about all of our teachers and maths and English tuition in Edinburgh. If you click like for our Facebook site you will be automatically informed of recent developments for maths and English tuition. 

    Our current team of caring and experienced  teachers includes:-                                  
  • Gerard -  English Teacher
  • Martin - Primary Teacher
  • Caroline- Maths and English to all ages
  • Andrea - English Teacher
  • Fiona - Primary Teacher
  • Jim - English Teacher
                                                 Andrea Lyttle                         

What We Do

Teaching, tuition in maths and English in Edinburgh Central & North (New Town).

We specialise in  tuition in Maths and English but we also teach other subjects such as sciences and Computer Studies.

We aim to help students of all ages. It may be that they feel that they are being left behind due to a change of school, a move to a new area, illness or learning difficulties.   

Many students are aiming to excel and progress beyond the Curriculum for Excellence levels and maximise their success in Standard grades, Intermediates, Higher grade, A levels, private school entry and now new National 4 and National 5 assessments.

In each case, the Kip McGrath Education Centre provides a safe, proactive and stimulating environment for each child, utilising the latest educational and computer resources, which has developed into success for many students. 

We offer free assessments in Maths and English with experienced teachers.



Before a child starts at Kip McGrath we carry out a FREE, no commitment assessment to allow us to establish the kind of programme we can offer.

Personalised programmes are developed for each student, designed to target weaknesses and build on strengths. 

The programmes are fully integrated and use computer and workbook-based materials.Tutoring sessions are 80 minutes and homework is provided for each student. 

We are different to other centres as all of our tutors are experienced GTC registered teachers and hold Full Disclosure Scotland certification.



In summary, Kip McGrath provides English and maths tuition centres provide:
  • Qualified Teacher(s) or Tutor(s) : The same teacher each week.

    GTC registered teachers experienced in school teaching.
  • A purpose-designed Education Centre with a wide range of resources and individual computers. 
  • 80 Minute Lessons and a small amount of homework to reinforce class work and to demonstrate progress.
  • Summer  and Easter  Classes in Maths & English- We are open throughout all holidays and bank holidays 7 days a week.
  • Students can attend for either one or  a few sessions. There is no commitment to book for an extended series of sessions. Whatever your son/daughter's age or needs from support with pre-school, starting Primary 1 or with Standard Grades, Intermediates, G.C.S.E'S,   Baccalaureate,  A levels, Highers, private school entrance, National 4 or  5, we can help.


Teachers who have specialised in providing additional support and are experts in their areas this includes providing support for a range of  students including:- 
  • students that are very able, and are gifted and talented
  • have Dyslexia
  • have Dyscalculia
  • have English as an additional language or are beginners to English

Working towards specific exams:-       
  • G.C.S.E's A levels
  • Baccalaureate
  • National 4 & National 5   
  • highers, advanced highers                                                                                     
  • Entry to private or independent schools
  • professional exams i.e. police entrance, firefighter exams

    Have a range of additional needs i.e Aspergers

    • All ages '3 to 18', specialist provision for early years &  provision for adults

    With the new curriculum you may be unsure as to how your son or daughter is performing at school. A free assessment will help reassure and also offer further support strategies. 

    If you would like to book a FREE assessment call Indy any time on 01316106110.

      Answer phone messages can be left at anytime (24 hours). Your call will usually be returned on the same day.

      Parent testimonials

      Thank you for sharing your successes with us.


      We got the letter today and couldn't wait to let you know that Betsy got in to the private school of our choice. Even better was that she gained 100% scholarship. Thank you greatly', Debbie

      'Our son J. had lost all confidence in maths', in a matter of months,  thanks to the wonderful teaching at Kip McGrath, J. now enjoys maths and is excelling at it', Maggie

      'Thank you Indy for all of  your help,  I got an A in my higher maths',  Beverley

      'Before coming to Kip McGrath, my daughter was really struggling in maths and was in the bottom group. I had tried teaching her at home but it didn't really work and I felt that I was just getting no-where. Coming to Kip really helped make a difference. Now we are so happy, she has just moved in to high school and is in the top group'. Dianne
      'Marie was doing very well in maths but really struggled with English. I felt she had Dyslexia but this hadn't been confirmed by the school. The tutor spent a lot of time looking and working with Marie on her writing.  I can see her writing has improved greatly. Her spelling has improved in accuracy and her choice of vocabulary is also much better. Recently she got an award at school for improved writing. Thank you greatly.' John 
      'Daniel was bored with his maths at school. I felt he was really bright. At school he was making careless mistakes. I felt he was not being challenged at school. I got him assessed at the centre and Indy confirmed what we had thought about his ability. Now David is being accelerated at the Kip Centre. He is doing maths at a level where he is being challenged and working at his own level. He now enjoys maths and is working to the best if his ability. I can see how much progress he has made as he brings home weekly homework. We have also now  enrolled him for English too and he is also making super progress with that too. Thank you Indy, I will continue to recommend your centre to all of my friends'. Kim
      'I have been so pleased with the progress my 3 older boys have been making and when Indy said there were sessions for 3 year olds too I decided to send Liam. Liam likes being like his older brothers. He goes to Kip and he can't wait to do his homework like his big brothers', Mark

      Contact Details

      Centre Owners Indleeb Walayat
      Address 1 Huntly Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5HB, Scotland
      Phone 0131 6106110
      Mobile 07826 525 380
      Email Indy-professional-tutors@sky.com
      Centre Hours Our current term time sessions are given below and other times after school or at weekends can be easily arranged upon request.

      4.30pm to 5.50pm
      6.00pm to 7.20pm

      2.30pm to 3.50pm
      4.00pm to 5.20pm
      5.30pm to 6.50pm

      4.00pm to 5.20pm
      5.30pm to 6.50pm

      4.00pm to 5.30pm
      5.30pm to 6.50pm
      6.30pm to 7.50pm

      1.00pm to 2.20pm
      2.30pm to 3.50pm
      4.00pm to 5.20pm
      5.30pm to 6.50pm

      9.30am to 10.50am
      11.00am to 12.30pm
      1.00pm to 2.20pm

      Sunday 9.00am to 10.20am

      Please phone or email about session times during the holidays as these can be at various times during the day.

      Our holiday club also runs throughout the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays.

      Edinburgh Central Centre

      Centre Owner

      Indleeb Walayat


      1 Huntly Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5HB, Scotland


      0131 6106110

      Email Edinburgh Central

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